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In the galaxy of IAS Institution, Samudra Solution IAS Academy LLP is only one Sun which illuminates the needy student with resuscitator light. Samudra Solution IAS Academy LLP fosters most effective and scientific preparation pattern or course framework in Hindi and English medium.

CSAT से संबंधित समस्याओं के समाधान के लिए विशेष तकनीकी कोर्स. द्विभाषी कोम्प्रिहेंसन का कोर्स व प्रैक्टिस सेट्स देने वाला पहला संस्थान. MOST EFFECTIVE AND ENNOVATIVE क्लास लेक्चर शीट्स (CLS METHOD) पैटर्न के अंतर्गत – सामान्य अध्ययन (P+M), वैकल्पिक विषयों में – इतिहास (by Z. Khan) व राजनीति विज्ञान (by G. Paras) Writing Aptitude से युक्त पहला संस्थान जो सामान्य अध्ययन के प्रत्येक टॉपिक को सम्पूर्णता (Totality) से पूरा करने का दावा करता है. MAINS ANSWER KEYS के द्वारा मुख्य परीक्षा की अपेक्षाओं व गुणवत्ता को समझा जा सकता है. IAS मुख्य परीक्षा की ANSWER KEYS लिखने वाला भारत का पहला संस्थान.

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How to prepare for the CSE?

The Civil Services Examination (CSE) is considered to be the mother of all written examinations. It is a curriculum heavy examination especially at the Main exam stage. A candidate, therefore, has to begin preparation for the Main Exam and then for the Prelim. This is so because, if one starts his preparation for the Main exam after the having written the Prelim exam, he will have just four months (August to November) to prepare the Optional subject, Essay and General Studies, which is almost impossible to achieve. The optional subject is of post graduation level and usually it will be totally a new subject. Based on the rich experience that Samudra Solution Academy has gained by guiding Civil Services aspirants, we suggest the following course of preparation for the CSE. Let us take X as the year in which a candidate wants to sit for the CSE and X-1 as the year previous to the one in which a candidate wants to take the CSE. One can divide his preparation into two parts or two sessions Viz., July and September sessions.


For the convenience of preparation of the students, we have divided our coaching programme into two sessions viz., July and September sessions.
In order to make the admission process easy and smooth for the candidates, we have introduced an online registration process, generally opened in mid June and again in mid September every year. Candidates are advised to visit the Institute’s website to know the exact date of opening of the online registration process. Admission is based on “first-come-first served” principle to give equal opportunity to interested aspirants. On registration online, our system will generate a token number for the candidates and admission will be offered based on the token numbers. A candidate, who registers sooner on the days of online registration, will get preference for the choice of batches as well. Students who are unable to secure admission online should visit the office to verify their status.
The admission details like fee structure, date of commencement etc for the July 2016-17 batch is available on the website and the September 2016-17 batch would be updated on the website by the 3rd week of July 2016.

Candidates who are selected for the personality test are usually 2.2 times, the candidates who appeared for the main exam. This depends on the vacancy, notified in the UPSC’s advertisement every year. The maximum marks for interview are 275. A score over 200 is considered a high score.
Interview according to UPSC is described to be a test of candidate’s overall personality which includes analytical ability, lateral thinking, logical decision making etc. The objective of the interview is to assess the personal suitability of the candidate for a career in public service by a Board of competent and unbiased observers. The test is intended to judge the mental caliber of a candidate. In broad terms, this is really an assessment of not only his/her intellectual qualities but also social traits and his/her interest in current affairs. Some of the qualities to be judged are mental alertness, critical powers of assimilation, clear and logical Exposition, balance of judgment, variety and depth of interest, ability for social cohesion and leadership, intellectual and moral integrity.
Interview is not that of a strict cross-examination but of a natural, though directed and purposive conversation, which is intended to reveal the mental qualities of the candidate.
The board tests a candidate on integrity, the depth in understanding, awareness about issues happening around and how well a candidate is able to analyze and apply these issues in his/her answer.

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